Truly Gluten Free Extra Creamy Oat Milk


Truly Gluten-Free Original Oat Milk is made with gluten-free premium Irish oats for the purest creamiest flavor. ​

We take pride in sourcing our oats from family farms in Ireland, where a temperate climate and strong rainfall result in oats with a delicious nutty flavor and elevated quality. ​
Thoughtfully crafted, its smooth, subtle oats flavors are expertly balanced for a deliciously refreshing taste. ​

Truly Gluten-Free Original Oat Milk contains 7 simple quality ingredients; filtered water, gluten-free Irish oats, sunflower oil and sea salt. Our Original Oat Milk is fortified, a rich source of Vitamin B2 & B12 and Calcium​

Non-GMO project verified and Gluten-Free, when you choose Truly you can be assured the highest standards of nutrition, flavor and quality. ​

Dairy-Free, Lactose-Free, No Added Gums or Emulsifiers, Vegan. ​